Software As A Team Sport

Right now, I’ve found myself in a contrast.  I am working on Software, alone.  Sort of.

I’ve previously remarked in passing my firm belief that Software is a Team Sport. And I have set out with the intention to directly contradict myself by successfully conducting a software project by myself. Sort of.

It’s a natural and reasonable question as to why I keep backing away from the notion of solitary work. I’m doing this for two reasons. Firstly, because the code I’m working on was written by a great multitude of people over the years and no single person can understand the whole lot. And because there is an entire team who is technically available to answer my questions. Except for the fact that they’re half a world and an extremely inconvenient time difference away. So while, due to the former reason, I have been asking questions of various people in parts of the code I don’t yet understand, the latter means I have been quite reticent to do so and have in fact spent at least an entire day trying to figure out an answer I was provided in roughly 10-20 mins on the other end, because I had to wait that whole day before my email was answered, anyway.

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