Big Up Front Design Considered Scary Beyond All Belief

I had never before been able to put into words why I really hated it when a senior developer (Mr X) I worked with demanded I had a Big Up Front Design before I wrote any code, but I knew it irritated me to the core.  Because Documentation is a Good Thing™ right? Except that I am now trying to work alongside someone on a particular project (whom I shall call Mr Y), who is still under the influence of said senior developer.  I’m trying to help Mr Y  to produce a design which will satisfy Mr X so someone can eventually get around to the task of implementing the thing.

I’m not saying all design is bad, far from it!  I just think that most capable developers are really creative people who like to battle with the machine.  They are, in my humble opinion, considered capable because they’re constantly analysing their design and making tiny adjustments where necessary.  Even tiny things like changing that function parameter to be “const” because we’re not modifying it is almost entirely what I would call design.  The function would do the same job without that modifier, but now the signature more eloquently describes its intentions.  So what I’m really saying is that I don’t think design and implementation are separate activities.  This shouldn’t be revolutionary at all, but evidently from what I’m now observing, clearly there are some people who still believe it to be true.  Based on this thinking, I thought I was going to coin a new term: “Continuous Design”, but a quick google showed me there’s already a wikipedia page.  I guess I can’t add myself as a citation now!

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