Reviewing review

Code review is something that nearly all software developers consider to be a good thing. Though frequently when I’m doing it, I feel out of my depth.  This is usually when I’m learning the technology or codebase.  And recently I’ve been reviewing not just an environment in which I am comfortable (a desktop application) but also a web application, which covers the whole stack right from database, webservice, client and javascript-based webpage.  My experience to date has been in embedded software, desktop configuration software, a network-based build server and a smattering of almost static html, so I’m feeling somewhat out of my depth when asked to cast an eye over a SQL stored procedure.
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Yours, sincerely embarrassed

Last week a ghost of christmas coding past came to haunt me.  Some code that I wrote two years ago was found to be broken.  I’m not surprised.  When I first heard about the issue, despite the fact that I no longer work in that team (or indeed on that code base, language or even CPU instruction set) one of the first things I did was pull up the code to take a look.

This particular area of code is quite neglected and I knew for a fact that other people had only touched it in passing, without needing to make the modifications needed for real understanding.  I’m not saying that other people couldn’t understand it, but as a release was due to happen the following day and that, despite the bug being two years old, when the symptoms are described, it sounds quite scary and speed was going to be important for fixing it.  About 1 in 20 times our security handshake would fail.  The legitimate user would be temporarily unable to configure the product.  Because of this, an impending release (due to be finalised the following day) would be put at risk.  So my experience in this area meant that I could immediately narrow the bug to two or three files in the whole repository and I knew more or less how they fitted together.  Speed boost, achieved.

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